Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You can't photoshop your ugly personality!

Day 29: Your favorite memory
What a stupid the HELL am I supposed to choose. I've had so many moments where I've actually stopped to think to myself  life is so good. These moments include when I had my head out of the window of a steam train going through mountains, lying on the beach watching the sunset in California, and those nights with friends where you just wander around aimlessly but having all the more fun...sounds cheesy but GET OVER IT.

Today, despite being the last day of school for the year aswell as Nina's birthday, was quite sad. The following list justified my argument:
1. Recieved all my holiday homework
2. It was the last day of having Mr. Lidster as our year advisor
3. Ate too much food in class parties
4. Found out about some 'Two-faced' action

I don't blame guys for complaining about how complicated girls are and how they don't understand them. Even though I am of the same gender as women (...or am I? *cough*) I honestly do not understand some girls. IF YOU HURT MY FRIENDS EXPECT TO BE HURT. Lass style. Tracksuit, visor and all.
My friend C found out about a close friend lying to her about an event which happened a while ago. The time since the event is irrelevant. IT'S ABOUT LOYALTY. C and I have trust issues and our friendships with others is very much based on honesty and loyalty. For me, when one of my friends chucks a 'Professor Quirrel' (I.e. becomes two-faced), their 'scale' goes back down to zero and it's highly unlikely they'll ever make it back up to where they were.
 C was so upset about this she vomited...and said some pretty funny stuff.
"I have never had so much hate in my heart!"
"These are fists of fury!
"I may be small....but I could take that bitch down!"
The only way to solve problems of two-faced-ness is to confront them. In the wise words of a Facebook group: I hate two-faced girls- it's so hard to choose which face to slap first! Don't take this literally :p

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO U2 WAS LAST NIGHT. I waited 8 hours in the que and was so close to getting heat-stroke. I am so sunburnt and sore today BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT! We all got in the 'Top 100' of the mosh que and got to be in the front mosh section at the front of the stage. In front of us was a small step-ladder which had 'Bono's step'  written on it. We asked security what it meant and they told us that Bono would step on it too pull one of us out of the mosh to serenade us. WE NATURALLY FREAKED OUT. Then the worst happened. When the song came where Bono serenades the girl, THE SECURITY PICKED UP THE LADDER AND TOOK IT TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE STAGE. You can probably imagine my emotions at that point in time. However, despite this 'mishap', Jay-Z and I did exchange love heart hand symbols, and the stage was pretty spectacular. It wasn't as awesome as Muse but was definitely up there.