Sunday, July 13, 2014





My random list of things I have to write on here has gotten way out of hand. So, I figured the best way to fix the problem was to actually write about them on here so I can delete the sticky note on the side of my screen that is taking up way too much room.

Please excuse my absence. Yes, I am on holidays, but not technically on "holidays". The first semester of university has officially finished (well, two weeks ago), and BOY was I glad it wrapped up. It was a super stressful semester of uni, and it was the first time I actually struggled to maintain a balance. I had work three days a week, AWARD School and my usual load of uni, which meant that I rarely had any free time to do anything other than course work. Any time I had off was spent making my AWARD School portfolio the best it could be, and getting assignments in for uni. I am very proud to say that I got all assessments in without any extensions-I figured that you can't get extensions when you're in the real world of work, so why get into the habit of it at uni?

So with exams done, I don't have uni for a month. But ALAS! I have been working full-time. While I was unsure what working full-time would be like, especially seeing as though the vast majority of my friends are off vacationing in the European Summer, I have to say that it has actually been a lot of fun. So much better than only working two or three days a week. You get to settle in and make yourself at home, and get a lot more time to work on things which is sweet. What's more, the work I'm doing is super interesting so that makes full-time work no biggie. Oh, and you become bests with the old man who owns the cafe up the road from your work, who declares his love for your on a daily basis. Also, the cash moneys isn't to bad either!

 I've been doing a lot of things in my time off, of course. A lot of this stuff has to do with my wellbeing-I've been doing a bit of yoga here, bit of gym there, eating power balls from my local cafe and just relaxing (which is something that definitely took the back seat during last semester!).

Now that life update is complete, here are the things that I need to write on here and get out of my system:

1. I legit have the biggest girl crush on George Clooney's fiancé. International lawyer. Intellect. Best-selling author. Oxford. Amazing clothes. How can someone be that all round ah-mazing? Google her. Amal Alamuddin!

2. A lot of you would probably be aware of this, but JK Rowling has an amazing series that she's published under a pseudonym of Robert Galbraith. It's detective fiction which I absolutely love-I always thought that one of the best things about Harry Potter was the clues/finding out the culprit drama, so when I found out that it was her behind this series I sprinted to the closest Big W (all books are about $10 cheaper there-fun fact), and finished the first book in two days. The second one has just come out-The Silkworm, which I just finished. So great! Definitely recommend them.

3. I've decided I want to support locally grown food my sister and I have officially gotten a little plot of land at the local community garden! We're going to grow our own veggies and all dat. It's going to be fun-have our induction next Saturday! Totes official.

So, I'm lying in bed unable to walk because I did a few too many lunges at the gym yesterday with a medicine ball and didn't stretch (I'm really smart). I'm definitely having an early night because I'm (planning on) getting up at 5am for the FIFA grand final tomorrow! Know nothing about the rules of soccer but always love watching the games and pretending that I know all about it.

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves,

Chloe x