Saturday, June 21, 2014


Okay. This is probably the longest I have ever retreated to my cave and have left this blog to fend for itself. This is not okay. Please accept my sincerest apologies (italics emphasises my distinct sorry-ness)

I'd insert my usual 'I've been busy doing AWARD School' excuse...but IT'S FINISHED! If you're unaware of what AWARD School is, check out one of my recent posts. I have never worked so hard at something in my entire life, and it was such a surreal feeling handing in my final book. Kind of like giving away my baby that I had been looking after for three months. The graduation night is the 1st of July so that will be a lot of fun! You get to see the best of everyone's responses to the briefs we worked on, and they announce the top ten students which is exciting. To celebrate the end of ad school, I've posted below one of my all-time favourite ads which is the only ad ever to make me legitimately cry. Not just little tears, sobs. Enjoy. It's wonderful. And this isn't just my biased opinion, coming from an ad-girl. My sister (law student) thought it was amaze balls too. Watch it. I'm writing way too many short sentences.

I also survived the hardest unit of study I have ever done in my entire life. It's one of the compulsory units you have to complete to major in marketing at my university. Marketing Research. I dropped maths in year eleven, and this was pretty much all statistics. You can imagine the pain it caused me over the past five months, and the stress I have been under the past week as I tried to make that dusty out of date 'maths' section of my brain work once again. I had the exam today, ON A SATURDAY. AT NINE AM. Boy am I glad to be sitting here post-marketing research in my pink fluffy onesie watching Downton Abbey.

So much has been going on in my life-lots of potentially exciting things are in the works (fingers crossed). I'll write about it all later, but for now I must retreat back to my cave and study for my media law exam that is on Thursday. After that I am free as a bird until August! Wohoo.

Now watch the Skype ad. Now. Pronto.