Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So today is Valentine's Day. A year since I wrote 'THE BENEFITS OF BEING FOREVER ALONE' (Click here to re-read it and cringe/laugh).

Last month my friend re-discovered this post and linked it to me asking if "my opinion had changed". WELL. I stand by what I wrote about Valentine's Day is a highly commercial 'Singles Awareness Day'. This is still the case. I know it sounds cheesy, but if you're in a happy relationship then you show them how much you appreciate them every day, not just February the 14th. That said, since it's the first Valentine's Day I've had with my boyfriend (even though he was mine two years ago but that doesn't count) IT HAS BEEN SO FUN PUTTING TOGETHER A PRESENT! This Valentine's Day is going to be spent working (kill me now please), so I'll be wearing a cute red ribbon and red lipstick in a sad attempt to rise to the occasion. TOMORROW is my real Valentine's Day-my boyfriend is coming up to visit and I FINALLY GET TO GIVE HIM HIS PRESENT. #CAN'TWAIT

-The last week has been spent working A LOT. As in four days in a row opening until close. Hello Macbook Air that I've been saving up for! I've been working so much that I haven't even been able to watch West Wing. Oh the horror!
-Eating Moochi. Last week they started a promotional 'happy hour' from 3-5 every weekday where if you show your student ID card you get three free toppings. Hell has broken loose.
-Getting excited about my 19th birthday next week even though I'm working all day #woo
-FINALLY finishing enrolling in all my uni subjects for this semester.
-Listening to this song on repeat