Monday, January 3, 2011

Boys are so confusing

So far today I've played Wii with the Mother (nearly up to world 2 in Super Mario Bros- we make a good team because neither of us know what we're doing), drank tea and coffee, made a smore, read and noted Bernhard Schlink's Guilt about the Past, watched birds on my balcony, and am off to see Love and Other Drugs. I always buy a child ticked being the cheapo teenager I am, however today I realised that at the movie today I HAVE TO BUY A STUDENT ONE INSTEAD BECAUSE IT'S MA. Great. There goes my lunch money.

Coming up this week: Study sessions, meeting up with friends, party, more study, waiting for my sunburn to fade.

This picture made me rofl.
The photo below SPEAKS THE TRUTH, even though it is kind of maths related. Maths = ew.