Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lurve and oda dwuuuuggs

I saw Love and other Drugs yesterday. My review: I want a boyfriend like Jake Gyllenhaal. KTHNXBI.
No, seriously, it was a pretty good movie for a rom-com. It was pretty explicit (if you get my subtle drift....) but the ending was actually pretty sad. Anne Hathaway is an amazing actress. Her and Gyllenhaal make a pretty good-looking pair.

On the front of the Sydney Morning Herald today was the photograph below. It was going to be featured in a charity exhibition at the Sydney Children's Hospital, but has been removed due to 'nudity'. It's such an amazing photograph and I think that a quote by Tamara Winikoff summarizes my opinion: "In our zeal to protect children we are erasing them entirely". The entire exhibition has collapsed after hospital officials saw this photo, costing the hospital an estimated $200 000. What ever happened to art?