Friday, August 1, 2014


I had something happen to me on Friday which I felt constitutes a blog post on this site. You see, my sister and I got ourselves into a bit of a shit-storm (once you’ve read the rest of this post, please appreciate what a great pun ‘shit-storm is). 
It all started when my parents had asked my sister and I to walk our two dogs, Daisy and Rosie, upon our return home from uni. Like all students, we ventured off into our respective caves and began trawling the Internet on our computers, pretending we had a lot of assignments and were just generally too busy to walk them. “We’ll walk them at 5″ “We’ll walk them at 6″ “We’ll walk them at 7″.Eventually it got to 9.00pm and we decided that if we left it any later we’d never do it, and to punish us Mum might do something absolutely horrific like turning off the internet (*gasp*).
So we set off for our walk. We walked past the local corner store, which is run by a nice man who I’ve bought way too many Freddo Frogs off in my study breaks. It was when we were walking past this shop that my Spoodle, Daisy, decided to do a poo in the gutter. My sister and I made the fateful decision not to clean it up; a decision we’ll regret a lot 24 hours later. We ran off and continued our walk, not thinking twice about the poo that we left. 
Fast-forward 12 hours and I’m at uni. I put my phone in my bag for 10 minutes and when I fish it out to check the time, I literally have 11 missed calls from my sister. I call her back, nervous. Had something happened to Mum and Dad?
Nope, but her news was nevertheless grave. “So, we sorta got caught on CCTV footage by the store owner running away leaving the dog poo behind. He came marching to our front door to confront dad about it and left a hand-written letter for us two. Neighbours have found out and want us fined.” 
I never thought my run-in with the law would involve me being caught on CCTV cameras letting my dog take a dump and running away and not picking it up. My parents have failed. I’m pretty much a thug now. 
Feeling sick, I went to my lecture. I thought I’d be able to take my mind off the Poo-gate Scandal of 2014, but that was hard when my parents wouldn’t stop calling me and leaving angry voicemails demanding me to apologise to the corner-store owner. Yepp, I had to face the music. 
My sister and I got home and headed up to the store. I got more nervous the closer we got. What do we say? Sorry our dog poo’d outside your store? Sorry we ran off, which you unfortunately had to witness on CCTV footage? I was thinking about all of these important questions, but kept getting distracted by the hilarious puns. Shit happens. Shit hit the fan. I need to apologise ‘n’ shit. What a shit day. 
I apologised (it was a bit of an anti-climax), and walking out I did a bit of a psycho dance on the street. I had learnt my lesson the hard way, and thankfully survived. I lived to tell the tale.