Whenever you want and wherever you are, send me emails! There is honestly nothing that I love more than receiving emails from people who aren't the people that I listed above, or foreign banks with spelling mistakes who are writing to inform me that I've inherited $100000000 from a dead relative in Zimbabwe. Send me jokes, ideas, questions, observations, love letters (now that would make my day ;), life changing realisations, opinions, photographs, videos, links to your own Tumblrs or Blogs, advice, feedback, funny Gifs on Tumblr, hamburgers (only if you own a teleporting machine), Harry Styles (again, only if you have a teleporter), rants, poetry, places to visit wherever you live, and anything else you could possibly fit into an email. I really do love a good email and nothing would make me happier than to hear from you guys! I don't byte (GET MY PUUNN!!??). ROFLLMAOTTBOHMBOBW! (Rolling on floor laughing my ass off to the beat of Hannah Montana 'Best of Both Worlds'). Write to me, I'll reply, and then we can officially be cyber BFFS.