Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sex and The City

I am a dedicated fan of Sex and the City, to the point where on some occasions my English teacher and i have in depth conversations on the amazing TV show. The first movie really summed up the series, 'ending' it in a state which left the audience satisfied. It was when they announced they were producing a SECOND movie which made me a bit nervous. I saw it today. I definitely felt as though I got my $13 worth (two and a half hours!), however as the end credits were rolling I sat in my seat, holding my empty easyway cup, feeling very disappointed. I feel as though they rushed everything, yet managed to produce a 'marathon' movie with not much of a story line. I'm happy Carrie and Big sorted out their problems, however I just couldn't synchronize with the film, the events being so unrealistic (and some being very politically incorrect). All this aside, the clothes were fantastic as usual!