Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 09: Something you have done in the past few days which you are proud of.
2. Getting through the the hockey grandfinal!

So I still have the sniffles, but it's getting better. WE WON HOCKEY TODAY so we're going through to the grandfinal! So excited. At the moment I am eating a sourdough baugette and chocolate freckles as a reward for our victory! I saw Inception last night and it was SO SO SO SO good....i'm interested in hearing people's theories as to what happened at the end. I can confirm it messed with my head. I may, at this minute, be dreaming....

I'm kind of going through another obsession with nail polish. Oh, and I found my favourite look from the Australian Vogue September issue:

I recently bought a see-through-ish top from my friend who makes all her own clothes, under her label AlexMarie, and I need something like above to wear under it. Love the leopard print. Now I just need money. AGAIN.

Hope you are having an above average weekend!