Monday, August 30, 2010

Got Calculus test back. Not too good.
Saw model Samantha Harris as the new model of Seafolly. Yeah.
OK SHE IS PRETTY. Yes. Samantha Harris is gorgeous. If you don't know who she is, she is the Indigenous model who is dubbed the Next Big Thing (you would have seen her on the cover of Vogue Australia). So we have established that the girl is pretty. However, she does not make a good model. Just because a girl is gorgeous doesn't mean she makes a good model. Another figure who falls into this category is Emma Watson (look at her photo shoots- pulls the same face in every single photo). Now I understand and support the fact that the fashion industry is trying to steer away from thin, blond, tall and skinny models, and are going for diverse looks (did you see the Bond's runway at the most recent fashion week? All the girls were so unique-loved it). I also applaud Vogue for putting the first Indigenous model on the cover. Samantha Harris looks different to these blonde, tall, skinny models, so she is guaranteed to be a success. But she pulls the SAME (although pretty) FACE in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO. Here is sufficient evidence:

Do you get my point now?
P.S. I want some more bandeaus like the ones below to wear with shorts as the weather gets warmer.