Saturday, October 9, 2010

AND SCHOOL RETURNS, MY FELLOW CYBER CITIZEN FOLKS. I'm actually not that devastated as
A) These holidays were awesome
B)My sunburn has significantly gone down
C)I'M NOT DOING MATHS FOR YEAR 12 (this is the best reason)
D)I get 13 free periods a week to work on my major works which I have ideas/inspirations much freedom!!!!!

See? Year 12 won't be that terrible, but I know that this time next year, when I'm pulling my hair out over the looming HSC exams and struggling to finish my major works by the deadline, I'll re-read this and laugh at how optimistic I was.

Today has been quite pleasant...far better than yesterday. Our entire family (including the dogs) went to Edmunds and Greer for coffee, and the lady who owns the shop came up to take our order, then realised it was us, wrote down all our orders (1 large skinny hot chocolate, two large skim cappuccinos, one large skim flat white, and one small cappuccino) from memory and walked back inside. I think we do go there too much. However, this will not stop me, or the rest of the family from going.

I am now drinking 1.5 litres of water from an empty juice bottle in a lame attempt to once again be healthy, and this afternoon I may or may not be meeting up with ELENI who has returned to the land of Oz. She called last night and I think I deafened her from screaming/asking questions/OMG-ing.

And she met Dakota Fanning in Paris. DAKOTA FANNING. Her clothes are TO DIE FOR. Snaps for her stylist.

Laters my friends, and go out and enjoy this lovely weather. Not that I can talk though, as I'm sitting inside on the computer.

UPDATE: I just took my red-nail polish off (WITHOUT spilling the remover on the floor-boards like last time) and I'm going to attempt to do this.

I still haven't gotten blue tips yet...and I just found this photo and I love how she has blue streaks...but then when it looses colour I can't just chop it off, so I don't think I'm game enough. But still, it looks great.

I have also decided that I love Jessica Stam's style, and she is now on my Style Icons list on the side of the page.

NOW GO OUTSIDE and be happy like these girls.