Thursday, October 7, 2010

Social Formalities

A Review:
I arrived with 'ma homies' at Kuan's house for pres where we did hair/makeup/ate Sumo Boiled Lollies that Nina brought back from her trip to Japan/drank Mother/watched weird stalkerish Tony (from Skins) montages on Youtube (if you too love Tony, click here). We then jumped in a taxi, which taught me the lesson 'NEVER CATCH TAXIS IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR MONEY'. Even as we sat in traffic the price on the screen was going up by 10 cents practically every 10 seconds. NFJLSDNFKLJDSNFJKSDN<------my anger.

With Sydney Harbor as the backdrop for the evening, the boat arrived to the (very crowded) dock, where everybody was taking the sterotypical/cliche formal photos (facing the side, smiling cheesily at camera with one leg sticking out) including me and my folks. IT WAS AN AWESOME BOAT (better than the various other formals' boats docking at the same warf). Everyone looked incredible , and as we boarded the boat we were met by hundreds of pink and white iced cupcakes which were SO GOOD (I threw my 'healthy eating' plan out the window for the day). My friends and I bolted up the stairs to the open area up the top of the boat where there were lounges and candles, and named the area 'Depressed and Dateless' (it was a joke...but still). I basically stayed there for the majority of the night, catching up with friends and occasionaly getting up to dance awkwardly in my heels, mocking the gangsters gabbering (my idea of fun). . Overall it was a memorable night, and the backdrop was breathtaking.


And now for the 'P.S's' which have become a regular occurrence on my blog.

P.S. I really REALLY (times infinity) want a denim vest with studs. GGAAHH. If I didn't have my BLODDY COFFEE ADDICTION I would have money to BUY ONE.

P.P.S. With Eleni arriving home from Europe soon, I have decided that I WANT/NEED TO TRAVEL THE WORLD.