Friday, November 26, 2010

Prepare yourself for a very, very long post.

Day 18: Do you drink soda more than milk?
p.s. Yes, I do, due to the fact that I drink Coke/Sprite more than water, and hate milk.

So today at lunch, with half our group away/studying, the remainder sat down in a new spot, and somehow we got onto talking about the ideal age for a boyfriend to be (we're reasonably spontaneous/just plain odd), and after lunch I asked a few other girls for their ideal age for a boyfriend. Without further or do, I present to you:

*Please don't hate me if I offend you with anything my collegues and I say.
**This guide applies for gay relationships too, however in the guide I refer to straight relationships as the girls in my group are ....female (obviously)....and are all heterosexual, therefore talking about the male specifically, with most opinions on this topic coming from past relationships etc. .

The girls at lunch said that they would never date a guy younger than them (and I agreed). REASONS: When the guy is younger than you, have to be the mature one as you have experienced what they are going through. With scientific research proving that the female brain is '2 years more mature'at our age than the male brain (thanks Cindy!), that makes matters even worse. We agreed that it's most likely that a younger guy would date an older girl for his mates' approval/repect', and due to the fact that an older girl usually means he has a better chance at getting sex.

Older guys are always preferable as they have experienced what you are going through, and can provide you with support. They're more mature and we all found that older guys are just generally more attractive due to the fact that...well...they're older than you. From the discussion at lunch/asking others I found that almost every girl said that the ideal age for a boyfriend is for him to be in our grade (yr 12), however in the older half. Hannie at first said 19, however then changed her answer to the popular choice, saying that it is ideal for the guy to be in year 12 for the reasons stated above and also because you will both we doing the HSC together and can provide each other with support (and study notes).
Cindy says that there is an 'Unspoken rule that he has to be older by at least 6 months', and that it's 'careful ground until you find out his age'. This was justified with:
- You see a guy, think he's cute, find out his birthday- if he is younger you can only really then joke with him as a younger brother

Alex said that she only talks/flirts with guys who are older than her, that it's instinctive, however, I think this may be a tad biased as she has a boyfriend who is 20. Enough said.

We all decided that a guy over the age of 20 is off limits (Alex an exception), however for me personally, I most likely wouldn't date a guy over the age of 18 unless I was really, really into him.

Conversely, Phoebe doesn't really understand the concept of men who are off limits because their age, due to the fact that she is obsessed with Geoffrey Robertson (a human rights lawyer), however, 'other 65 year olds ain't really my thang' (Thank the LOORRRDDD). She justifies her love for him with the fact that she is purely "...attracted to his job". Nice Phoebe, nice. You will get very far in life.

We continued on to agree that the age of your boyfriend, in a way, defines your maturity. Feel free to object.

3. UNIVERSITY- I decided that this sub-topic deserves its own bullet point. We all agreed that now we're in year 12 it's different in terms of going out with a guy 'in the grade above you'. Going out with guys in yr 12 when we were in year 11 was different, as both people in the relationship were still in school- now it all changes cause they're in university. Are they going to be restricted because of you? While you're slaving your ass off for the HSC will they get bored having to wait around for you? For the girl, it is the only option, and while it could be seen as 'unfair'for the guy, it could also be seen as being unfair on the girl, as the guy will be meeting new girls at university who share the same interests (as they are most likely doing the same course), who share similar goals they want achieved in terms of occupation, and who offer the same level of maturity as the guy. However, this is also relevant when you are dating a guy who is the 'ideal age'(I.e. year 12, older half), as while you both are starting university at the same time next year, those girls will still be there.
The last point is that once the girl is out of school age gap is not big deal, as long as the male in the relationship is older.

The End. I hope you will accept my wise words and that you now reconsider and re-evalutate your relationship if you have one, now that you have read my guide. Just kidding. But seriously.

Now for some irrelevant, but all the more interesting photographs.