Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Day 12: Your thoughts and opinions on Harry Potter
Please don't get me started. All I will comment on this question is that if you have not read the pages of the Harry Potter I greatly suggest (for your own benefit/survival) that you hide in a hole and never come out because I will personally track you down and tear your bare flesh off your spine whilst wearing fake nails, cook your flesh into a pie, then make you eat it. In other words, Harry Potter is basically the one thing in the world which is NOT over-rated.

Enough said.

P.S. I finished the book I was talking about yesterday and have begun reading another called 'Hope and Memory'. It's. Amazing. I'm having abit of an unhealthy obsession with non-fiction books.....

P.P.S. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL?. When you buy a ticket for a train ride, you are paying for the service of the train taking you to your destination; you are NOT paying for a seat. I am more than happy to give up my seat for the elderly and pregnant women , but it makes me SO ANGRY when other people expect us to stand up. Today on the train I was struggling with holding my folder/5 books/laptop, about to drop everything, and I look over at all the adults seated, staring aimlessly out the window, the only thing they're carrying is their little handbag/manbag and their I-pod. I personally feel as though adults should give up their seats for students if they are in situations like mine. COME ON. IT'S JUST BEING ETHICAL. I swear the adults find satisfaction in seeing us dying with our carry items.

P.S. HE HAASS A NAAMMEEE! You know, that insanely perfect creature of the male species that I posted on the blog a few days ago? As I pinned a photo of him to the 'Hot Guys Wall' in the common room, my friend exclaimed:
Without further to do, I now present you with Francisco Lachowski, the hot (even though he's a bit feminine), 18 year old Brazilian model. My 'type' is lanky/brown hair/not up themselves, but this guy is definitely an exception....