Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Lights

This weekend was actually really, really enjoyable. Despite me telling myself that it would be hell due to the fact that my parents jetted off to Cairns leaving us kids behind, it didn't end up being all that terrible.
Except Saturday, of course. The day was spent playing the game Tower Bloxx (if you haven't experienced it click here), for so long that my eyes began to hurt and I felt dizzy when I eventually stood up. I set off to babysit at night, with the two young boys watching Youtube videos for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. They then decided they wouldn't go to bed. When they eventually did, I sat on the lounge for 4 hours watching some random documentry on a group of disabled people trekking it through the Andys. Random, I know.

Today was spent with thaaaa girlies. At Hurstville I bought 3 tops and a bikini top, ALL FOR UNDER $50! I really wanted to buy a pair of shoes which kind of look like the ones I bought last week, and despite me telling the girls THAT THEY WERE DIFFERENT AND ONLY $20, they ran off with my bag so I couldn't buy them because they claimed that 'they looked exactly the same'. GAAAHHH. Oh and when we were eating in the food court I spilt Wizz-Fizz on the floor and the cleaner thought that it was Coke.
Great. It was quite awkward as I was telling her 'Oh no! It's Wizz Fizz I swear!'
This afternoon I went to my Grandma's to help her put up her Christmas tree (because I'm such an awesome granddaughter), and have now just returned from a cooked roast at her house. THIS IS THE LIFFFEEE.

I really wanted to go to the beach this weekend but I couldn't be bothered. I should go sometime soon to test out my new bikini top.

P.S. I LOVE COLDPLAYS NEW SONG (and the video clip that goes with it....). If this doesn't get you in the Christmas Spirit then I don't know what will.