Friday, December 10, 2010


Day 27: What you want for Christmas
Apart from the unrealistic wants of Dominic Howard (the drummer of Muse), and a ticket to Glastonbury Festival, I really really want a camera, to document my last year of school and to post the photos on here! I'm liking this idea.

I'll try and sound semi-professional:

I went in with expectations higher than the end of the universe, and Muse soared beyond there. You seriously cannot explain how amazing they are live- you simply have to go and see them regardless of whether you like their music or not. Watching Muse live should be a human right.

  • The opening- it was totalitarian themed. I'll post a video of the opening under
  • Starlight- I wasn't expecting it to be so amazing live
  • Knights of Cydonia- the last song played; blew me away
I got there with Phoebe 8 hours early and there were already around 300 people there. I went to buy the tour t-shirt to find that it was TEN WHOLE DOLLARS more than the price on the website so I sacrificed my dinner money to buy one. Yes, I got hungry. It was sweltering hot but I made heaps of friends throughout the duration of the wait in the line, including one guy whose family friend is THE ONE AND ONLY GEOFFREY ROBERTSON! 8 hours later, Biffy Clyro were absolutely fantastic at opening the show- I will pay to see them play a full set if they ever come on tour here in Australia again.

Yesterday was Presentation Day (snooooooozze), but afterwards Clare brought and amazing cake she made and we ate it in Hyde Park. We didn't have forks so we ate it with our fingers and spoons- it's flavour was 'Chocolate Chocolate' and was basically chocolate mousse with a cooked base. YUM!

Then a woman came and asked for permission to take a photo of us. TURNS OUT she is the woman behind the blog What Made Me Happy Today! I shall post the photo here when it comes onto the blog! HOW COOL IS THAT. FSDFDSGFDHFJFJDFGDF

Today I have written my letter to Santa, getting a Santa photo later on in the day, then tonight going to the local Christmas carols!