Thursday, December 2, 2010

"To love would be an awfully big adventure..." -Peter Pan

Day 22: A place that you would like to visit one day
All I want to do is go to a little Norwegian village for Christmas.

I've nearly made it through. EXAMS ARE NEARLY OVER! Things that I have learnt from this exam period:
1. Looking out the window aimlessly will not make you any wiser
2. Never eat a banana before a drama exam
3. Don't drink Irish Breakfast Tea before you want to go to bed...sleep will not arrive until 3 in the morning
4. Listening to Muse helps you study 
5. DON'T CRAM (not that I can talk)

1. Soggy Jacaranda flowers on the ground are slippery
2. Honey Mustard Chicken is life-changing

So now exams are almost (Legal Studies tomorrow morning) over, my days will consist of getting in the Christmas spirit and driving everyone crazy with my happiness that Christmas is near, going to the beach, reading and going to concerts. Yes. That's right. Muse and U2 within a week of each other. BE JEALOUS.

The movie The Polar Express always gets me in the festive mood. It is one of MY FAVOURITE MOVIES (call me lame but I bet you secretly feel the same way deep down inside.....). The song below is basically the theme of the movie and really sums up Christmas in a song. The lyrics are beautiful aswell- I posted the instrumental version with the lyrics on the screen. 
As you recover from that song's amazingness, look at these photos then go away AND GET OFF THE INTERNET.