Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 6

I'm at the library again, and I have extremely exciting news to share with you guys:

I honestly never thought I would finish it. To celebrate, I am now up to page 2 of a Mills&Boon (It's called The Bride of Montefalco), due to the fact that I have unfullfilled desire to read a piece of shitty literature. I also have a few bridal magazines next to me. Don't know why but I find them enjoyable to read. This does not suggest that I want to get married. I just like looking at pretty dresses ok?

DAY 6: 30 interesting facts about yourself
1. I am a terrible sleepwalker. One time Dad had to chase after me down the street....mum even has to write it on camp forms.
2. I have a weakness for Coke Zero and 5 Gum (only the green one)
3. My dog Darcy's full name is Mr. Darcy of Oatley, due to Mum's unhealthy obsession with Pride and Prejudice
4. In my spare time I like to type in on Google Images 'cute puppies' and 'baby animals'. Don't ask. It's a habit.
5. I love flying on aeroplanes and I love plane food.
6. I have a phobia of bridges
7. I was scared of heights until I made myself go on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland
8. I tend to hold grudges as much as I try not too
9. I used to be athletic.....
10.I draw people I don't like on stress balls. Bad habit I know.... but it is the ultimate stress relief. Try it. Or put their face on piece of paper, stick it to a wall, and shoot it with nerf guns
11. When I was 5,  a company contacted Mum asking if my sister and I would fly to Hong Kong once a fortnight where wealthy families would 'hire' us to be flower girls at weddings. Yeah....mum declined...
12.I used to pass out alot. By the 5th time I would just casually say 'yo, guys, I'm blacking out- can someone catch me?'.
13. I'm going to try and stop drinking coffee for a while...let's see how long that lasts
14. I'm overly idealistic
15. I'm an extreme perfectionist
16. I'm now halfway in writing down facts about myself, and have run out of interesting things to say
17. I like to scare myself. Don't know why. I know that I'll freak myself out by watching scary movies but I watch them anyway for the adrenaline
18. I love reading crappy novels that Mum circulates amongst her friends
19. I only do well in subjects that I really love, hence the dropping of maths and science
20. I have trust issues...
21. I always have my phone in my hand, sliding it up and down so it makes a stupid noise that annoys the majority of people
22. I make life-changing decisions in the shower
23. Titanic is my favourite movie
24. All I think about is how much I want to travel Europe, but I don't do anything about it, I.e. getting a job...
25. I hate Eggplant, capsicum, mushrooms and vanilla icecream
26. My birthday is in 26 days
27. My favourite food is slow-cooked country chicken
28. I could live off Oporto. I went to a Japanese restraunt with friends and snuck in Oporto....
29. I don't want to grow old. I don't think anyone does though, thus making this statement not interesting in the slightest.
30. I'm too indecisive. And sarcastic.