Friday, January 21, 2011


12 Things Chloe has learnt in recent times:

1) It is possible for me to tan!
2)The Good Wife is a good show
3)Oprah is awesome...(well her Auzzie shows are)
4)Facing your schoolwork is less scary than thinking about facing it.....
5)I have a problem of neglecting my Ext. History and Drama major works due to the fact that I now love 4 Unit English and want to do it all of the time....
6)I tend to talk about my 4U English to people all of the time....whether they like it or not
7)Eating a tub of Nutella will not do anything other than make me sick...however this .isn't going to stop me from eating more in the future...
8)My big new bed is arriving on Monday
9) Karaoke on Elizabeth St has Muse...
10)I need to stop replying ''Your Mum" to everything
11) Coke Zero tastes better than normal Coke
12) My birthday is in a little over a MONTH

I had to post the text below due to the fact that is freaks me out because I ALWAYS think about this when I'm sitting on the train. There are so people who I am never going to meet in my lifetime.