Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 23

Day 23: Photos of 5 famous people who you find attractive

1.Francisco Lachowski- I think he deserves a video. Even though he looks really, really dumb......he is quite easy on the eye. Just a bit.

2. James Franco- He's gorgeous, funny and smart. Really smart.

3. Jesse Eisenberg- Fell in love with him in The Social Network and Adventureland. He's not as hot as all the other guys I've posted but his gorgeous personality makes him even more attractive in a way..

4. Josh Hartnett- Need I say more? He's just shoooo cute. Watch Pearl Harbour and you'll understand......

4. Nicholas Hoult- Just watch Skins. Although he's verging on being a douche, he is filed in my 'Gorgeous Category'. Not many guys make it into that category....

5. Jack Vanderhart- I'm not personally attracted to him....but I just felt like posting him on here because I used to go to school with him....major lolz.

Today has been so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so boring. I slept through yoga, sat in bed until 8.30, ate 5 coconut-ice cupcakes for breakfast, wrote an essay which I don't particularly like, went shopping for a quilt set for my bed, drank Coke Zero, ate chocolate, thought about how much work I have to do tomorrow, drew on my hand, drew on my stomach, sung along to songs on my iTunes, continued working on said essay, went to my grandparents' house, wrote a letter and got credit for my phone....finally.....

I'm thinking I might get a Formspring just for this blog so ya'll can all ask me questions. Email me your thoughts on this proposal.