Saturday, February 19, 2011


I got the BEST joke yesterday:
Knock knock
Who's there?
Cash who?
I didn't know you were a nut?

That text was from Phoebe but I can't be bothered dedicating a post to her due to the fact that she is always mentioned on here.

Day 24: Your favourite movie and why it's you favourite movie
There have been so many movies that I've watched then have made a mental note that if anyone asks me what my favourite movie is then I'll say that movie. Problem is I can never remember which ones they are. Although this is the case, I can think of a few which I really do love.
1. Tropic Thunder: I've watched it so many times and everytime I put it on I think to myself that I'm going to get bored of it.....but everytime I kill myself laughing. Don't even get me started on quoting the movie...
2. Fateless: It's a Holocaust movie about a young boy who is sent to Auschwitz. It's incredible and the end always gives me goosebumps
3. Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist: I don't know why but I have SO much love for this movie. It's just so chill. There's nothing better than watching it late at night when you find everything hilarious.
4. Titanic: I don't think this needs to be justified....

Yesterday I had the funniest/disturbing conversation with my father. It went like this:
Dad is reading the paper on the lounge
Me: I would really really really love it if you finished building my star laaammmppp!
Dad: I know you would
Me: ?
Dad: I read it on your blog
Me: You? Read my blog?
Dad: Yes... I've been reading Flower Girl for a while now. *Continues to read paper*
Me: ........

This weekend has been surprisingly productive. I finished both my essays,worked on my legal notes, and studied the parts of the Russian Revolution which I didn't really understand. Monday always seems better when you've had a productive weekend. This week is so awesome. My birthday is on Wednesday. YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

P.S. I'm going to work on my Tumblr a bit more. I accidently ditched it for a couple of weeks
P.P.S. I miss this