Saturday, March 26, 2011


Yeah, I like lame puns. What of it.

Day Two: Explain your current relationship status
I'm currently single...I've learnt from my 'Formspring experience' that talking about relationships on the internet isn't very wise/smart.

Today I was an amazing friend and woke up at 5.15, YES 5.15, to get to school and catch a bus to the school girl Head of the River. I have now come home with not one section of my legs not covered in brown and yellow paint. I had paintings of boats on them, squiggles, and phrases such as "Public Schools FTW" and "Povo Pride" (a highlight of the day was when a private school mum came up and asked me what "Povo" meant. I said it means 'cheap' 'underfunded' and 'not private school like') . I now consider myself a rowing convert and today I was filled with so much (public) school pride that it was a tad pathetic.

I also wish to take this opportunity to rant about a song which I heard on the radio. Please listen to it if you haven't had the pleasure of hearing it already- it's called Love the Way You Are (Drunk at the Bar) by Brian McFadden.
Here are some highlights of the song:
 I like you just the way you are
Drunk as shit dancing at the bar.
I like it,
and I can't wait to get you home, I can do some damage.
I like you just the way you are.
Jump in the back seat of my car,
cos I like it
and I can't wait to get you home
so I can take advantage.

SO I CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE. Can you believe that a song with lyrics like that can be released? It's a man in his 30's, engaged, AND A FATHER TO 2 young girls singing a song about date rape. I honestly can't believe it. It's bad enough that a song was released making date rape sound as though it's acceptable, but to have Brian McFadden sing it, given the fact that he has a FIANCE with TWO YOUNG CHILDREN is absolutely revolting. I've done a bit of research on him, and on his Wiki it says this: On 25 February 2011, McFadden released a new single "Just the Way You Are (Drunk at the Bar)". The song has been criticised as a glorification of date rape. McFadden cancelled the shooting of a proposed pop video for the song, and asked that the song not be played on the rado, also pledging via his Twitter account to donate all proceeds from the song to rape victims. Well let's just say that he's going to be spending A LOT of money on rape victims (if he actually meant that pledge, which is highly unlikely), because the song IS still playing on the radio, and given the number of young people who listen to the radio....don't think it's going to help decrease the number of date rape victims...and as if he didn't see that criticism coming? He's just that desperate for attention...
During my research I also discovered that he said this on the radio: "Saying pink is a form of red is the same as saying homosexual is a form of male". Delta Goodrem seems to be a nice young woman, so why is she wasting her time with this sad excuse of a one-hit-wonder-now-a-sad-bastard male? Just wondering. I'm also wondering what his thoughts would be if a man took one of his daughters home, when they are 'drunk as shit', to 'take advantage of them'....