Friday, April 15, 2011


All throughout this past week I've been saying to myself how I should give my blog a break for these holidays and just go outside and get off my computer, but I just couldn't neglect you for 2 weeks and 3 days. So here I am. I'm going to write today's post in dot-points:

  • Waking up this morning to this weather was the best thing that has happened to me this week. It was absolutely pouring, and I don't think anything beats waking up in your warm double bed with a massive quilt, looking at your window which has water pouring down it. When I eventually threw myself out of bed I was to discover that Mum had bought coffee from Edmunds and Greer for meeee! So. Good. (until I took the lid off to lick off the foam and it spilt all over my ugg boot)
  • I went to a community fair (to get out of the house and enjoy this rainy weather), and at a book stall I came across a coffee-table book which is basically an old collection of pictures of London. It was only $1 and it's now sitting on my bookshelf.
  • I want one of Clinique's new chubby sticks (they're like crayons but for your lips :o) sooo preeetttyyy

  • I came across this amazing paragraph:  It's easy to get caught up in what could have happened, but the truth in the matter is that what happened yesterday, last year, or a minute ago is all history. History is written down in textbooks, journals, and diaries, it's not meant to stay in your mind forever. So. True.
  • I'm going to a friend's rave next week and I need costume ideas- the theme is basically sports/recreational activities
  • I WANT GUMBOOTS. I think I'll get plain black ones from Sportsgirl
  • I've also decided I'm going to buy a fur coat (a fake one duurrr) for winter
  • I have soooo much work to get through this coming week. I've been going to the library regularly and have somehow managed to get a significant amount work done, but I'm still only a fraction of the way fun.
  • I really hate it how my parents' generation assume that because they see one/a couple of children or teenagers be inconsiderate or badly behaved in public, our entire generation is like that. I've seen plenty of incredibly rude older people but I don't assume that their entire generation shares those characteristics. I also think that they should keep in mind that they are the generation who raised us in the first place, and that they are also the generation who have created just a few problems with the world, problems which our generation is going to suffer the consequences. We're still young, so older people should really stop having a go at us.
  • I'm soo so so so so sorry to the pen-pal peeps- I honestly keep forgetting to reply. I don't think you're all pedos/terrorists!
  • I think that Topshop coming to Sydney will absolutely diminish its appeal....