Thursday, June 16, 2011

An above-above average day

So my exams finished yesterday (if you somehow managed to miss the huge capital letters in the post below), so today was technically my first full day of freedom.
Some girls from my drama class and I went to Sydney Theatre Company for a workshop for one of the plays we study for the HSC. It turned out to be really good, but when we came out of the theatre we were met with TORRENTIAL RAIN. And neither Clare or I had an umbrella.
When we had found shelter, using our scarfs as 'umbrellas', we called our friends who were at school about to sit their last exam. We organised that we would meet up in 3 and a half hours when their exams were done and hang out for a while. So Clare and I had 3 and a half hours to waste.
Basically to pass the time we set ourselves a challenge-to do as many free things in the city as we could, all the while maintaining fake British accents.
We spent $4 on boiled lollies to last as our 'energy food' for our quest, and set off to find 'free' ways of passing time. First we went for a stroll in the in Rocks, then went to the Museum of Contemporary Art (where I watched what was literally the most random video I have ever seen), and went to Customs House, where we sat on the lounges where I read The Irish Times and Clare read some French newspaper (she translated an entire article on Koalas for me).  We also met some pretty cool people too-these three guys on Pitt St who were collecting money for Oxfam gave us 'free hugs' when we told them of our challenge (and one was really cute/had a cute British accent/name was Jake). They even offered to give us a bit of money if we couldn't find any food 'freebies' for lunch. Clare and I then set off to David Jones where we tried on 'free' perfume samples and make-up, then watched the man playing the grand piano in the hand-bags section. As the clock was reaching 3.00, we settled down on some chairs next to the harbour, a 'free' front row view, where we finished off the boiled lollies. Some American students came down near us and were all taking photos of seagulls. I overheard one guy exlaim how "cool it would be if the seagull dived into the water and fully had a fight with a fish, bringing it dead back up to here". Not really helping them break their stereotype.