Monday, June 13, 2011


Kind of sums up my life at the moment. Nodded in agreement when I proudly joined the Facebook group. My diet today has consisted of coffee, countless packets of Tiny Teddies, cake-bars, and sticky-date cupcakes. Basically when I'm bored I either:
A) Have a shower
B) Eat
C) Sit outside in the rain with my dogs
I've also found that during these exam periods, when I'm writing out my essays, I've found that I've been subconsciously making up heaps of words, like 'Propelliating'. I'm really hoping I won't get marked down for it....I'm being inventive right!!!?? RIGHTTTT??!!!

Yesterday I headed into the city to conduct some much needed retail therapy. I walked past the new(ish) Zara store. Walked into the new Zara store. Needless to say, I am now a proud Zara convert. When it opened everyone had talked it up so much I thought that it wouldn't be all that impressive, but it is. Went a bit crazy, to say the least.

I then met up with my family in the city to go and check out the Vivid festival. As soon as we stepped out, it started pouring with rain. I was wearing ballet flats and a 3/4 sleeved jacket. Freezing+Wet+Tired+Hungry=Not a pleasant experience. The raining stopped after about an hour and a half, and we got to see the 3D lights on the Opera House and Customs House which were REALLYYY cool, and then got the train home where we went to eat Italian. Mmmmmmnonomnom.
The last time I had an exam was on Thursday, so since then I've just been writing out my Modern essays over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. The exam's tomorrow, so I'm hoping that I somehow go in there and do decently. Dat wult b nice.

My post-exams life is going to be FANNTTAABBULOUUSSSS. On Wednesday afternoon I'm seeing The White Guard at Sydney Theatre Company then going shopping with Phoebe, and on Thursday I'm going to Sydney Theatre Company again for a workshop for drama. I really like the area that it's in so it'll be nice to spend some time there. The cafe next to the theatre does EXCELLEEEEENT coffee.