Friday, July 1, 2011


I can officially confirm to you that the week that just passed was in fact the worst week of my schooling career.
If you aren't up to date with the never-ending drama that was my Extension History major work, please read the post below before you read this!

So as I previously wrote, on the weekend I rewrote my major work from scratch (for the 5th time). I was so happy with it, due to the fact that I ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD what I was writing about, and I was confident that my essay reflected this understanding. My previous essays didn't make sense because I DIDN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND IT.  I handed it to my teacher on Monday to read through (the final thing was to be handed in on Friday), and he gave it back to me on Tuesday (3 days before the final major work is handed in). Here's how our conversation went
Me: Is it better now?
Teacher: It was so shit that I was swearing out of frustration. Ask anyone in my staffroom.
Me: Are you serious?
Teacher: Chloe, you cannot hand this in. I guess all you can do is go back to your old one.
Me: The one that you said didn't make sense and is 1000 words under the word limit?
Teacher: Yes.

So basically I had 3 days to rewrite my entire major work and somehow manage to finish my 6000 word draft of my Extension 2 English major work. I was so stressed that afternoon/night that I actually could not eat or focus on anything-I literally just sat on my bed and cried because I no idea how I was going to finish either of them in 3 days. Over the next 3 days, I was so tired and stressed that I could hardly eat/didn't have time to eat. And I really love my food, so that's saying something.
 Extension 2 English was due on the Thursday, and I finished it at around midnight the night before and handed it in just before the cut off (10am)! On Thursday, after I got Extension 2 out of the way, I didn't go to class and just chained myself to a computer where didn't get off it until I had written 2500 words. My year advisor was so worried about me that I literally had to have 7 meetings with her throughout the day (SHE'S SO NICE). 
I couldn't believe it when I looked at the word count and saw that it read '2456 words'. I got home and worked on it until around 11 (managing to fit Masterchef into my schedule..yes, Kumar deserved to be elimintated), and when I printed out I literally just sat there looking at it wondering how the hell I managed to write my entire major work the day before it was due. The song 'Woman on a Mission' has never been so relevant to my life.
I handed it in at 2nd half of lunch on Friday, and after I signed it off I sprinted down the corridor at 345km/hour whilst doing a psycho dance. Once I arrived at the common room, I just collapsed on the floor in front of the heater and basically didn't move until school was over. Oh, and Cindy came back from Central Station with 8 tubs of Ben&Jerry's half-baked cookie-dough icecream. The day improved from there-on the way home I found $2 in my shoe, got a free coffee, and then at night went to my friend's 18th where I could actually relax for the first time in a long time. Bring on the holidays.

And that is my cool story for the day.

p.s. I'm going away to Broulee until Wednesday with Eleni (click here for her Tumblr). I'll do a mega-post about our adventures and some photos upon my return. Until then,