Monday, October 24, 2011

Nothing stands between me and the week of doom next week.

Except a lot of trips to get coffee...
Next week's HSC exams:
31st: Extension English (Don't even get me started on that (insert expletive) of a subject...I have to write an essay which is impossible to memorise because I have no idea what I'm even talking about, and a creative piece which is equally impossible to memorise because it's as boring as hell and my eyes start to twitch with tiredness whenever I look at it).
1st November: Modern History (AKA 3 hours of torture. The two essay questions could literally be on anything to do with the two topics....kill me now?).
3rd November: Legal Studies and History Extension. (That day is going to be so bad that I don't even know what words are capable of capturing such horror. Let's just say that if I don't survive that day then I loved you all...even if only one of you left a message for me on my Tumblr).
3rd November at 4.00: FRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDOOMM. No more school/exams/study/stress.

On a lighter note, WE MADE IT ONTO PAGE 3 OF THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD. As in, you opened up the Herald and BAM! There was our article. Despite the photo being as awkward as hell (think pretend me grinning like a serial killer), the article was really good AND I GOT QUOTED. LIKE A BOSS. Click here to read the article!