Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random musings.

I am currently utterly and completely exhusted. Oh the joys of going to two parties and then having to wake up at 6am to babysit!

As per usual, when I haven't posted in a while, the 'Memos' on my Blackberry fill up with things to write/rant/blab on about here. Here are some random thoughts which were skipping around in my head this week:
1. So I hand in my big fat Archaeology essay and go into relaxation mode, only to get an email from our lecturer informing us that we have an exam this coming Wednesday. ARCHAEOLOGY Y U SO MEAN 3 MEE??
2. I was cleaning my room the other day (now it kind of looks less like a bomb hit it), and I came across my beautiful bright pink iPod Nano which was pretty much my life in my early teens. It is literally like a time-capsule, and on Friday my soundtrack consisted of the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. I regret nothing.
3. This is random, but I've realised that I hate rushing in the morning. Like I cannot rush in the morning. I am physically incapable of this act. Cannot. Rush. In. Morning. I realised this when I was power-walking late to my lecture one morning this week, and it was pouring with rain. I was holding my umbrella in one hand (that the wind was trying to steal), and was juggling my books AND my coffee in the other, which was causing my coffee to spill out of the slit that you drink it out of, making it run down my hand. Oh, and on top of that I was wearing my Chino pants which are one size too big, so they were beginning to fall down. Great morning.
4. I've added the blog 'Shine By Three' to my blog list on the left-hand side of this page. The girl who runs it, Margaret, goes to my university! She's amazing and you should all check-out her blog if you're into fashion and ze like.
5. Watched Jessica Watson on Dancing With The Stars. Despite some weird-ass acting at the beginning of the dance, which involved her sitting on the stage trying to avoid the romantic advancements of her dancing partner (this acting rivaled that of kindergarten Christmas plays), the actual dance wasn't terrible. I was literally sitting in my seat trying to find things to make fun of, but I couldn't. Kudos to J-Watz!
6. I actually have a giant crush on a British radio presenter called Nick Grimshaw. He is actually hilarious (you can listen to his shows on BBC1), and he's cute in a weirdly hipster way. If you too want to fall in love with him, then watch this video of him (Click here). Not only does he randomly start singing the chorus of the song Call Me Maybe when the actual artist is singing it on live radio, but if you look closely you can see that he has Facebook up on his computer and is on FACEBOOK CHAT during his LIVE RADIO SHOW. Aaaahh got to love Grimmers!
7. You know those songs  that you hear on the radio and they just have the best choruses ever? And you go home and type in on Google the lyrics that you remember in hope of finding out the name of the song? That happened to me this week. It's called 'Heart Skips a Beat' by Olly Murs, and it's just so fun to listen to. Never fails to pick up my mood! Just pop earphones on and listen to it full-blast. Click here to here it. Love the rapping in the thick British accent towards the end!
8. What is with One Direction doing SEVEN shows in Melbourne and SIX shows in Sydney!? I mean, it's dodgy enough that they're selling tickets EIGHTEEN months in advance! So greedy/desperate..they're definitely trying to strike the iron while it's hot!
9. I'm obsessed with the new show The Voice. Enough said.
10. I can't believe I managed to write this much when I'm this tired! #YOLO

Goodbye for now, Cyber Peeps.

ChlobeWan xx