Monday, May 14, 2012

Ramblings of an excited teenager...

So I was going to write about it (the exciting news) yesterday, but I decided that I'd save it or today once I had the in-person meeting to confirm things. The exciting news is....drumroll please...I GOT AN INTERNSHIP! It's at an amazing advertising agency in Sydney, and I'll be going in twice a week! I went to the office today to confirm details, and can I just say that their office building is by far the COOLEST BUILDING EVER. The reception looks like they must've built a time machine and copied and pasted a reception from the future. I am so so happy and lucky that I've been given this opportunity, especially seeing as though I'm only (kind of) fresh out of high school! I'll keep you all posted on how it goes! This opportunity made me think of a quote by Walt Disney that came up at the end of Meet The Robinsons (I was watching it while I was babysitting last of my favourite movies). He said "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and keep doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths". 

Other things for me to write about and you to read:
1. My Aunty and Uncle are moving to New York in six weeks. I don't think you need me to tell you where  I'll be spending a large portion of my end of year break.
2. The Big Ben's Twitter (yes, the Twitter of London's landmark clock) actually makes my life. He tweets really...deep and meaningful stuff. Click here to see it...I can honestly guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
3. Lots of good TV this week...Masterchef is heating up (see what I did there!? Aren't I punny!?)...Live Shows on The Voice (Laykn can just marry me now)....SEASON TWO OF DOWNTON ABBEY....TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT TO HANDLE...
4. I have two assignments due next Monday, both of which are worth FOURTY PERCENT! It should thus come as no surprise to you that this week's To-Do List is called the 'WEEK OF DEATH/TORTURE/DOOM  EDITION'.
5. Today my friend informed me of some amazing, incredible and quite insanely [insert synonym for amazing] news: Anyone who is called Chloe got a free giant Boost Juice today! I got my big Blueberry Blast, and Phoebe borrowed one of my ID's to claim a free juice at another Boost. Oh the benefits of having an identical twin...
6. I've nearly finished Brideshead Revisited and it was as amazing as Phoebe made it out to be...if not better!
7. Along with a proper present, for my brother's 12th Birthday Phoebe and I bought him some scratchies...AND HE WON $3. Coolness. When my Grandparents called up to wish him happy birthday, they asked him what presents he got. Instead of telling them about the new bed that Mum and Dad gave him, he said "SCRATCHIES!". 
8. Dakota Fanning looked incredible at the MET Ball... She's so elegant and naturally stunning (I'll admit this despite her stealing my birthday..23/2/94 twinzz). Click here to see a picture if you're interested!
9. This recent cold weather has been incredibly nice. So much love! I'm actually not being sarcastic-cold weather is my favourite! I love wearing knits (a definite weakness whilst shopping...knits steal a lot of my money), beanines and scarves! And my pink fluffy dressing gown. And my Angry Birds slippers (at home of course...).
10. I want to get a team together to run the entire City2Surf race like Phoebe does in Friends. If you're interested send me an email! If you haven't seen Friends before/can't remember how Phoebe runs, click here!

Until next time,
ChlobeWanKenobi x