Saturday, June 16, 2012

Near death experience

Caffeine-induced. Never having three coffees and four cokes in a day ever again. I got into bed with my heart beat sounding like dubstep at around 11pm after babysitting, and lay awake staring at my ceiling until the early hours of the morning literally awaiting a heart attack. I've learnt my limits! I think these holidays will involve a serious attempt at caffeine detoxing...!

Today involves studying for my exams which are now uncomfortably close (first one is on Wednesday), and eating scones which Phoebe has kindly baked (a rare expression of sisterly love on her behalf! Cutest). I am now off to read my Middle Ages textbook in an attempt to aquire some last-minute knowledge, eat some scones and NOT drink coffee.

Hope you are all having a splendid weekend,