Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back to reality.

So I'm officially back in Sydney town. Well, technically I've been back for two days, but those 48 hours don't count because I was lying in bed watching Game of Thrones (I finished season one which was profoundly epic in the epic of most epic levels). I'm now sitting inside on this beautiful day typing this post with a very old Apple keyboard that I plugged in especially because it's just so much fun to type with. It may sound silly, but hitting these chunky white keys and hearing the noise it makes kind of makes me feel like I'm in a movie. I like it...

Broulee turned out to be just what I needed in terms of clearing my head. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown before I left due to reasons I'm not even sure of (probably watching Game of Thrones for an abnormal amount of days in a row?), and as soon as I hit that highway freedom-bound it was like a huge pile of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders. I sound like I'm trying to be the woman in Eat Pray Love. But seriously. Nothing quite beats the feeling that you get when you drive around the corner on Mossy Point and catch the first glimpse of Broulee Beach, and leaving my phone at home turned out to make the  week all the more splendid. The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, meaning that despite it being Winter we went for long walks along the beach every morning, went kayaking with manta rays (I will admit I nearly died of a heart attack the first time I saw one by the warf), ate lunch down on the water at a sea-side cafe, went bushwalking, had daily walks to the Muffin Shop (best coffee and raspberry and white chocolate muffins in the world), ate the famous fudge at Mogo, and just made the most of the stunning views/fresh air. Definitely succeeded in clearing all the smog out of my head. Oh, and I successfully talked Eleni into getting a second piercing on her left ear.

Along with these outdoor activities, I must say that I watched one too many romantic comedies. I'm the number one advocate of romantic comedies-I'm all for cheesiness and unrealistic romance (movies are supposed to be AN ESCAPE afterall, no?), but You've Got Mail and What Women Want were so cringe-worthy that I found myself sitting there criticising it like a pain-in-the-ass aunt at a family barbeque. Crappy movies aside, I also watched The Help and Robin Hood, both of which were absolutely fantastic. Kind of balanced out my movie watching palate, you could say.

So there you have it-Chloe's Broulee Adventures of Winter 2012. I've arrived home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated (Not on the scale of Eat Pray Love), however still need to fulfill two goals I've set to complete by the end of the holidays:
1. Get my L's (two years late)
2. Cook a dinner USING THE OVEN (which I currently don't even know how to turn on).
My cooking HAS improved since the dessert I made before Broulee-Today I cooked Phoebe a grilled Asparagus and Bocconcini sandwich thing, and I bought a couple of custard apples which I hope to make something mind-blowingly brilliant with.

I am now off to NOT lie in bed watching Season 2 of Game of Thrones or destroy the tub of Betty Crocker chocolate icing in the fridge.

ChlobeWanKenobi x