Sunday, July 22, 2012


I get my blog up whilst trawling the internet so I can watch the Samsung ad with George Craig for the fifty trillionth time, and then saw when I posted it-A WEEK AGO! I didn't even realise that it has been a week...these past few days have absolutely flown by. Now you're probably thinking "UM WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO IN THESE PAST FEW DAYS JUST TELL US CHLOE OMG DON'T KEEP US HANGING OMG I CAN'T STAND NOT KNOWING!?!?!??!?!!?". Well, my friend. If you calmed down a bit perhaps I'd tell you. Take a deep breath or two. Here we go:
1. I took my little brother and two of his friends to go and see the latest Spiderman movie. Dearest Andrew Garfield, will you please have my children?
2. I played the role of supportive sister on Tuesday when I went to my little brother's last ever primary school athletics carnival. In the 100m he bolted from the starting line when the gun sounded and I began to scream my lungs out cheering his name, only to have him yell "SHUT UP CHLOE!" as he ran past. Yeah, he yelled that out DURING his race IN FRONT of all the parents and students. Feeling the sibling love!
3. I was watching Rage whilst babysitting, and all of a sudden a video clip came on which I decided was the most cringe-worthy thing I have ever sat through. It's called 'On Top' by Johnny Ruffo. Not only does the video clip have the most dry plot ever (a valet/waiter/slave to girls at a mansion), he dances like a creepy uncle AND the main lyric of the chorus is 'I feel like I'm on top of the world when I'm on top of you'. Click here to watch it. 
4. I was walking along Circular Quay with some friends and we literally got guilt-tripped into participating in an ad for the new series of X-Factor. Prepare yourself when watching TV in the next couple of weeks-the ad is going to be more awkward than Jessica Watson thinking she's a celebrity.
5. Some of my friends and I went to see The Birds at the State Theatre which was SO much fun. The special effects were so bad that everyone in the audience was just laughing, but overall the film was actually really good! Watching it in the old and insanely beautiful theatre made the experience all the more pleasurable. I'm definitely going back to see some of the other old-ish films they're showing at that theatre to celebrate 100 years of Universal Pictures!
6. I've been reading 'The Psychology of Love', and I've folded the pages of things to write about here. I came across an essay in the book on love as an 'addiction'. I thought this sentence was particularly interesting/hilarious: "He (Liebowitz) argues that passionate love brings on a giddy feeling comparable to an amphetamine high. It is phenylethylamine, an amphetamine-related compound, that produces mood-lifting and energizing effects of romantic love. He observes that "love addicts" and drug addicts have a lot in common: the craving for romance is merely craving for a particular high. The crash that follows a breakup is thus much like amphetamine withdrawal". I think this gives a whole new scientific meaning to Kesha's song 'Your Love is My Drug", no?

I am now off to read the 20 Cleo magazines that the lady who works at Edmunds and Greer gave me. I hope you all are having a splendiferous Monday.
Muchos love, Chloe x