Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life changing realisation

After exiting the lecture theatre yesterday following my hell of a Marketing exam, I headed straight for my favourite cafe at university to purchase some comfort food. I bought a brownie and a large coffee, and began to eat/sip them whilst being busy feeling sorry for myself and the marker who has the task of marking my paper. I then got on a bus to interning and bought another coffee and McDonalds (the ultimate 'Feeling Sorry For Yourself Comfort Food'). It was when I was walking down George Street, on my way to interning, clutching my Maccas and coffee which was spilling onto my feet, that I had an epiphany.

Eating crap makes me feel even more crap.

Yes. Mid way though eating my Chicken 'N' Cheese burger, with my coffee in my other hand, I realised "This food isn't making me feel any better about that exam. Now I feel crap about the exam, feel crap for eating crap, and feel crap for spending money on crap that has only made me feel more crap". Fast-forward 10 seconds and I had chucked these items in a bin and went and bought a Boost, which has fruit in it so in my eyes is healthy. Despite feeling guilty spending even more money, just eating something healthy made me feel good. My new philosophy is that if you eat good food you feel good. And by 'good' food I mean GOOD for the body, not necessarily for the taste-buds (I'm talking to you $2 Chicken 'N' Cheese burger). With the weather warming up I have officially initiated my 'EAT GOOD FEEL GOOD LOOK GOOD' program. We'll see how long this lasts. I bet 48 hours.

In other news, I went to a band competition at uni last night. My absolute favourite band of the night was Beaten Bodies, and being the annoying force-friends-to-listen-to-music-I-like-er I am, click here to listen to their single. Pronto. So good! And one of the guys who plays the saxophone does my course at uni. Another reason for you guys to check out their music!

Chloe xx