Monday, September 24, 2012


So here is my second attempt at writing about last week. I have finally regained the energy to recount what I got up to during these past seven days, partly from the copious amounts of coffee I have consumed today, and partly from blasting One Direction's new song way too many times than what's considered appropriate for an eighteen year old. May I add that for an innocent boy band, I think it's absolutely hilarious that one of the lines in the song is "if we get together, don't let the pictures leave your phone". Nevertheless, it's a really catchy song, even if the thought of them makes you want to stick pins in your eyes. Click here to listen to it. 

1. Watched the first episode of Downton Abbey season three. Matthew and Mary. Need I say more?
2. I interviewed an AMAZING professor at uni for an article I'm working on for my journalism unit. His name is John Keane, and I spent about an hour chatting to him in his amazing office above the quadrangle at my university (just think of Hogwarts and that's a pretty accurate picture!). He was named by The Times as one of Britain's leading political thinkers, and he is also a bestselling author...he saw me eyeing off some of his books on his bookshelves, and let me choose one which he continued to write a lovely message on the first page. He was so generous with his time-I got everything I needed for my article and more-and I left his office feeling so inspired! For those who are interested, I'll post a link to the article when I finish it!
3. Speaking of being in the presence of awesome people, interning on Friday afternoon wasn't too bad either. Basically I spent a couple of hours hearing the Global CEO of the advertising network I intern at talk about the future of advertising WHILE drinking some very nice champagne! As both a marketing student and someone who wants to go into advertising, it was SUCH an incredible opportunity to hear one of the leading figures in advertising speak! Six months ago I never would have thought that I would be experiencing that!
4. You know how a couple of posts ago I told you I was campaigning for JAM, a ticket running to be the editorial team of the Honi Soit, my university's student newspaper? WELL THEY WON! I'm so happy for them-they all really, really deserve it! Every ticket campaigned SO hard over this past week-you literally couldn't walk five metres without having a campaigner come up to you and start chatting about policy. So glad that Jam's efforts paid off!
5. When I was walking my dog with Phoebe today, we walked past a pre-school where a bunch of kids screaming things like "LOOK A WITTLE DOGGY!!!!!!!". We continued walking, and I stated 'With my patience, if I worked at a preschool I actually think my career would end in murdering one of those children'. To my horror, an old woman was standing next to me watering her garden, and gave me the mother of all grandma-dirties.

This week is my mid-semester break, but it actually isn't a break because of the amount of work I have to get done for uni. I am now off to watch the next episode of Downton Abbey and listen to One Direction's new song a couple hundred more times because I'm really cool like that.