Monday, October 1, 2012

The Casual Vacancy

After somehow magically finishing my assignments due this week two days earlier than my To-Do list had scheduled, I found myself wandering around the city thinking of things to do. One of my shoes broke whilst wandering, so that was a nice excuse to buy a new pair of loafers. 20 minutes later I walked past Dymocks, and $28 later I had The Casual Vacancy in my hands (J.K. Rowling's new book). I spent the rest of the warm afternoon reading it in Hyde Park...well, the book had half of my attention. The other half of my attention belonged to the three tweenagers conducting an awkward photo-shoot (which included pulling sultry faces whilst holding a tree). It was the perfect way to end the mid-semester break.

I am currently faced with a really profound dilemma. Topshop is opening on Thursday morning, and I have $15 in my wallet. My plan is to either camp out to receive freebies (this is looking unlikely due to the fact that I have a media assessment that day), or just go in and take photos of things to buy when I actually have cash, and wallow at the fact that I spend all my money on coffee. The latter is looking far more likely at this point in time. I'll let you know how it goes. Probably not too well, judging by the outcomes of most things I attempt.

I am now off to pretend that I didn't waste all my money today, listen to Muse's new album for the trillionth time, drink some Green Tea (it makes me feel less guilty about being addicted to coffee), read some more of The Casual Vacancy, continue to be happy that the Sydney Swans won the grand final, and jam out a bit more to Muse's new album (I really like it in case you can't tell).