Saturday, October 6, 2012

The one where Chloe had a terrible week

You know those weeks where so many bad things happen that you keep thinking to your self "can this week get any worse", and then it does? The week that has just ended was one of those weeks for me. It was so bad that Phoebe lent me money. That's saying something. Allow me to tell you about CHLOE'S TERRIBLE WEEK 2012.

1. It all began after Saturday night when I got into a little bit of a pickle with the parentals (make that a pretty large pickle...with chilli sauce). Got grounded and my coveted Coldplay ticket got given away (they did buy it for me after all). Yep, the ticket to the concert that is written in giant letters on the calender plastered on my wall as 'COLDPLAY AND TEMPER TRAP OMGOMGOMGOGM', and the concert I always wrote about on here because I liked rubbing it in your face that I was going (I blame it on my excitement). Well who got the last laugh? NOT MEEEEEEE! HAHAHAHA. HAHA. HA. WAH. 
2. Failed my first uni assignment. At this point I was already having a terrible week (see above), so this was like a big fat poisonous cherry on top of a disgusting cake (let's make it a lemon, pecan and eggplant cake with oil icing).
3. Spent all my money on comfort food and coffee, then woke up on Thursday to realise that Topshop was opening that day, and that I had 80 cents in my wallet. Loving life!
4. After thinking to myself "I wonder what could happen to make this week worse", I got to my Myer interview at 3pm on Friday to discover that I misread the email...and the reminder email...and that it instead had started at 2! Go me!
5. I was at my friend Beth's house on Friday night for a much needed cheering up session (this involved Paul's Famous Hamburgers and Crazy Stupid Love). We decided that my terrible week had officially ended. After saying this, I hopped onto the bed and smacked my knee on the corner so hard that a not-so-lovely, big fat bruise began to appear after less than a minute. THANKS KARMA?
6. Gangam Style won't stop playing everywhere and it's driving me insane. If was kind of funny the first time I saw it, but what is with everyone's weird obsession with it?

I believe that the government should give out financial scholarships to people who have weeks like mine. I'm walking a 'DEVO WEEK SCHOLARSHIP', where you fill out a criteria that you submit to the government (like my five points above), and if they agree that your week was terrible they give you money to do something nice over the weekend. I feel that this would be a fantastic initiative, and I plan to write a passionate letter to Julia Gillard.

Much love,
Chloe x