Saturday, October 20, 2012

Things I don't understand:

1. Why the pink cupcakes I always get from my local bakery went up in price by 30 cents. Like why. WHY????????!!
2. Why more people don't play Fruit Ninja with their iPhone upside down. So much no-gravity-goodness that is yet to be discovered by so many
3. Why people buy iPhones. They're $800 pieces of crap
4. Everyone's obsession with Gangnam Style. The first time I saw it I was like 'Yep that's solid K-Pop'. Now it's absolutely everywhere AND I AM SUFFOCATING. Every TV, every Facebook page, every newspaper and every radio station. Have people never heard K-Pop before?? There is music more hilarious than that. Also, is he going to just attempt and capitalize off that song until he dies? I'm glad I got this rant off my chest. Psy can P-iss-off.
5. How Phoebe managed to score a third-round invitation to Diner En Blanc. When she called me telling me that I could be her plus one, this was my reaction (click here). If you don't know what Diner En Blanc is, I would definitely recommend Google-ing it so you can be extremely jealous. Basically it's a flash-mob style white-themed dinner party (so many people sign up to try and get invited that there were 31, 000 people on the waiting list for the one in New York). It's so secret that Phoebe doesn't find out the location until an hour before hand. Problem is my whole wardrobe is black, so I need to venture out into white-clothed-territory. I'll keep you posted on how that goes
6. WHY I CAN'T FIND MY DAMN DINNER PARTY LIST. I've checked everywhere in my room twice but shall triple check this afternoon. Clearly I'm really organised.

-Had a perfect Friday night
-Got a job at General Pants
-Drinking too many Boost juices
-Dad came back from New York and got me NYU and Columbia t-shirts and track pants.