Monday, December 17, 2012

More Christmas and summery things

Over the past week I FINALLY DRAGGED MY ASS TO THE BEACH! I woke up bright and early (11am) and caught the train to Cronulla, bought my first Mango Magic from Boost for the summer, and met friends at the wharf to catch the cute little ferry to Bundeena. I decided it isn't Summer until you've been to Bundeena, or whatever your town's beachy/heavenly paradise equivalent is. When we arrived there, there were a few clouds around so began to eat the cute little picnic that the girls packed, including the most DELICIOUS pesto salad. Suddenly the sun came out, and I literally ripped my dress and sunglasses off and made a run for the Bundeena wharf which I proceeded to jump off. The water was really blue, and when I swam back up to the surface and realised how deep I was, I will admit that I had a minor freak out as my mind flashed back to the hours of shark attack documentaries that I watched last week (I'm looking at YOU Shark Week on Discovery Channel!) . I swam back up to the wharf and climbed up and out so fast that I nearly flashed a group of young boys sitting on it. #YOLO

I've also been spending a little too much time Christmas shopping. Now that I'm earning proper moolah, I'm spending LOTS of moolah. I'm one of those people who just LOVES thinking of presents for people and buying them, and that's precisely what I've spent much of my time doing over the past few days. No other family members have room to put their own presents under the tree now because my (crappily wrapped) presents have taken up all the room. If I were them I wouldn't be complaining. My house actually looks like Santa and his elves vomited all over it (in an awesomely cool way of course)-we have our amazing tree with beautiful fairy lights, Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE, an insane advent calender that is hung above a massive window, fairy lights both INSIDE (really cute holly situated above the sliding doors) and outside and IT JUST LOOKS SO CHRISTMASY. Love it. I also may or may not have written my letter to Santa. This Christmas is going to be great. 

Carols in the Domain is coming up which I am VERY excited about. I may be working for six and a half hours before hand and babysitting before I even start work but NOTHING CAN GET IN THE WAY OF MY LOVE FOR CAROLS IN THE DOMAIN. Even if the whole city was put into a massive security lock down and it was called off, you'd still find me sitting in the Domain on my picnic rug with my Christmas tree sunglasses. And, to top it off, it's the original Wiggles' last ever television appearance. I know that they will still be around, with the new female Wiggle, but that is basically like having a guy in the Spice Girls. No. 

Also, over the past few days I've also begun to write my NYE post for this year. SO much has happened-it really has just been the greatest year. I hope it was the same for all of you and that next year is even more amazing. 

Chloe x

P.S. I'm working when the world is due to 'end'. At least I'll be at General Pants and will thus die around amazing clothes. Right? RIGHT?!!?

P.P.S. I'll leave you with this photo that made me laugh out loud an insane amount.