Monday, January 14, 2013

Things I have done since my last update

1. Gotten obsessed with The West Wing. Phoebe became addicted to it a couple of weeks ago and has been nagging me to watch it ever since. Two nights ago I finally caved in and watch the first episode...and now I can't stop watching it. It is TOO fantastic. There should be some sort of medication to help people like Phoebe and I who cannot physically stop ourselves watching it.
2. I have been applying for other jobs since General Pants finished up last week, and I have a final interview today/sorting out paperwork for a new job this afternoon so I think this is a good sign! Fingers crossed.
3. I went on an adventure to my boyfriend's hometown for a visit. It was pretty spontaneous (by my standard's anyway), and I must say I felt pretty excited/awesome/independent/totes mature as I made my way across the CountryLink platforms at Central Station to get on board the train for the three hour journey. I had a great time-I really do love going on adventures-especially when your company is a pretty awesome person ;).
4. I've started having baths again. It all started last week when I was really stressed out and the next minute I had hopped into the burning hot bath (I love burning hot baths and showers by the way). Since then I have been having them every night, with my pink fluffy dressing gown waiting for me when I step out, and a sign on the door saying "CHLOE IN BATH-DO NOT DISTURB". 
5. I'm obsessed with Bircher Museli. I don't know what it is about it but I cannot stop eating it at Edmonds and Greer and it is like a daily punch to my bank account.

I hope you all are enjoying this lovely weather (if you live in Sydney anyway!).
Muchos love,
Chloe x