Friday, March 1, 2013


So a couple of major things have happened since my last post:
1. I turned nineteen! I had SUCH an incredibly lovely day with friends and family despite working for the majority of the day. I had a massive cooked breakfast before heading to work which went SO FAST (and I got free food when I told my favourite food store it was my birthday ;) ). After work I headed out to my favourite place in Newtown for Thai which was beautiful. My cake was absolutely delicious-a giant strawberry tart! YUM! Being nineteen doesn't feel much different than eighteen so far but I know a lot of changes will happen this year so we'll see.
2. I BOUGHT A MACBOOK PRO. Yes, you read that right. Chloe, who is incapable of saving a cent, bought a MacBook Pro. I almost had enough before my birthday then BAM! I finally had enough. It took three months and I made it. Walking out of the store with Niamh (the name I gave it) was such a weird feeling-I finally saved heaps of money for something special rather than spending it on random things (like Moochi). Still feeling proud of myself as I type this post!
3. I've gotten ready to go back to university. I went in today to buy textbooks and it's all starting to feel real! I can't believe that I go back on Tuesday-these holidays felt like they were never going to end. That's not to say they weren't eventful-SO much happened over these past few months that I don't even know where to begin.

I am now off to watch West Wing and play on my beautiful computer before sleeping in my penguin onesie. Oh, and I'm working every day until uni goes back. Better get all my uni gear together ASAP!

Chloe x