Saturday, March 23, 2013


I have been a very busy bee these past two weeks. Only the best sort of busy, of course. Allow me to fill you in on the happenings of Chloe's life.

1. I have settled back into uni! I absolutely love all of my subjects, and I'm only there three days a week so it fits in really well with work. My favourite subject BY FAR is advertising-my lecturer and tutor are both creative directors-which is what I want to do-so throughout the semester I'll hopefully be able to get some really valuable advice from them!
2. I've been attempting to get fit. When you've stopped laughing at that sentence, continue reading. You read that right-I'm attempting to stop being a lazy sloth. This started with me signing up for my university's gym, which although nearly sent me broke, will get me active because of it's convenient location and AWESOME TREADMILLS (every treadmill has it's own touch-screen TV). On top of that, Mum and I have started a new program called "COUCH TO 5K's' (I think that's what it's called), which is an iPhone app that you follow about three times a week. It's basically designed for lazy people like me, and has you walk for 2 minutes, run for one, walk for 2, run for one etc.
3. In the past two weeks I have been on two perfect dates. The first involved my boyfriend and I going to Jamie's Italian (Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant in the city) which was AMAZINGGG! The wait was roughly an hour which wasn't too bad-we just chilled by the beautiful harbour while we waited. It was worth the wait though-my cocktail and spag bol were both to die for. Last night we went to Rockpool which is by far the most amazing restaurant I have EVER been to. It oozes old glamour vibes, and the food....the food...THE FOOD IS AH-MAH-ZINK. The instagram potential was off the charts. It's definitely worth the price-the service is awesome, the dining room is absolutely beautiful and the food is just...for lack of a better word, AMAZEBALLS. After we finished dinner we strolled to the harbour and ate gelato while watching the huge cruise ship leave the harbour. Then, when the night couldn't get any better, FIREWORKS STARTED GOING OFF ABOVE THE OPERA HOUSE. If that's not the perfect date I don't know what is.
4. I am addicted to Bakers Delight's custard scrolls. They are basically $3.30 worth of perfection. It is now my cheeky work-break snack every time I work.
5. I am also addicted to my new drink bottle that looks like a flask. It's so cool that it actually MAKES me want to drink water, and its flat shape means it fits perfectly in my bag. It's basically a win-win.
6. My mini uni break of a week is coming up, so that means I have to get on top of all of my readings and assignments. It feels like uni only started yesterday AND I ALREADY HAVE THINGS DUE!
7. I am obsessed with my new red Chanel lipstick. It is an amazing red that looks like velvet (not glossy) and IT STAYS ON FOR SO LONG! I never want it to run out, EVER!
8. So I bought a Michael Kors bag for my Macbook Pro. I know. Yes, I am now close to broke. BUT WAS SO WORTH IT! I had spent too long looking for a bag that would fit and protect my Macbook AND looked pretty AND fit all of the other things that I carry around. I went into the Mac store to buy a case for my laptop and THEN SAW THIS BEAUTY. I spent two days wondering whether I should get it and then bit the bullet and swiped that card and IT IS NOW MINE. Click here to view it and drool.  I got it in black!

I hope you all are absolutely splendid.

Chloe xx