Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wow ho ho

Remember when I said that the first few weeks of the semester were going to be busy? Well BOY was busy an understatement. It's currently about 30 degrees outside and sunny, and I'm here chained to my desk getting through a pile of readings and thinking of a pitch for my feature article and catching up on lectures that I've missed and working on this week's AWARD School brief and updating this blog (it's been way too long!). However, I'm not complaining at all. I'm loving my uni subjects, my job and AWARD School. All are really challenging, but I'm feeling super lucky to have been given these awesome opportunities at this age. Also, studying media and advertising doesn't feel like work at all, and everything I get to do is a lot of fun so I'm extra lucky in that respect!

It's now 'funny story time'. When Phoenix announced that they were performing at Hordern Pavilion, Phoebe and I wanted to cry because it was only a couple of days after we got back from NYC so there was no way we'd be able to buy tickets due to absolute broke-ness. So, when Phoenix posted the heaven-sent message on their Facebook page saying that they had a competition where you could win a double pass to their show, we leaped at the opportunity (i.e. absolutely SPAMMED the living day lights out of the competition's email address). We entered from three different email accounts to increase the probability of us being selected (look how gud i em at maths). The winners were meant to be announced on the Monday, and the concert was on the Wednesday. Well, it got to Tuesday and we had accepted defeat…until Wednesday morning-the day of the concert-WHEN WE FOUND OUT WE HAD WON TWO DOUBLE PASSES! The concert was absolutely incredible-I was totally blown away by their amazingness. I was at the front of the mosh and Thomas Mars (the lead singer) literally crowd-surfed over the top of me and my boyfriend. Awesome. Experience. Also, the song that I have posted on here fifty bagillion times, 1901, went OFF! Such a fantastic night, and completely free. The best part of the story is when I was on the third email account two days after the concert and saw a new 'junk mail' message. I had also won a double pass on that email account and IT WENT TO JUNK MAIL SO I DIDN'T SEE IT. Hilarious. But hey, that's three double passes when we thought we were never going to be able to go. 2014 is already the best year ever, and it isn't even April.

Hope 2014 is going just as well for you guys!

Chloe x

I will now leave you with this amazingness that is a video.