Thursday, August 19, 2010

MY COLD IS NEARLY GONE! The warm weather has FINALLY arrived, and I think that was the final dose of medicine to cure me. To school today I made the incredibly stupid decision to throw tights on my legs, which consequently caused me to slowly melt as the hours passed and as the degrees increased. But now I am wearing a singlet and shorts and relishing (yes, relishing) the warm breeze coming through the window. So nicceee.
I have named next week the 'Week of Doom' (WOD for short). This is due to the fact that my Historical Investigation is due, I have a Calculus test on Monday ( I prefer to write it as Calcul-ASS), and a Legal Studies exam in THREE PARTS. However, I am very excited as on Sunday I'm going to my special friend Cindy's birthday at Pancakes on the Rocks (in Darling Harbour....?). I can't wait to order my Short Stack with strawberries, maple syrup, and CREAM.EVERY SINGLE TIME I ask for the CREAM option, not ICE CREAM, AND THEY GIVE MY ICECREAM. I don't like it when it melts and ruins my pancakes OK?.