Friday, August 27, 2010

OK SO I'M REALLY TIRED (see sentence in previous post 'I have been deprived of coffee for the week'). No coffee=tiredness. Coffee=best friend. Me need coffee. Now.

I am currently reading Cloud Street by Tim Winton. It is so amazing, that if you haven't read it I suggest, no, I COMMAND you to run to the nearest library/bookshop and get it. You will not regret disturbing your relaxing evening for a run out in the cold wind. SERIOUSLY. No, seriously. Do it. Now.

Due to my tiredness/lazyness, I cannot be bothered to write anymore. Here are some really, really wise words of wisdom. Please do not be blown away by my wise words:

When I grow up I want a bed like this. In a room like this. I.e a bed that takes up a whole room.

I saw photos from the Bonds show at the fashion week (to tired to remember which one...think it's Rosemount?) Loved it so much I thought i'd post a photo of it. Instead of death-staring anorexic girls they had girls dancing down the runway!

These ducklings are cute. I want them. In my sink. Please?

The following photos either amuse me/remind me of a place or memory or both/agree with/want (i.e. the clothes)/or just love. Me going to bed now. Bye.