Saturday, August 28, 2010

You should not be reading this. Why? You ask as you continue reading, despite me just telling you that you should not be reading this. BECAUSE THERE IS SUN OUTSIDE. THAT'S WHY. Go outside into THE REAL WORLD and enjoy the summer-esque weather before the notorious rain-clouds once again swarm the sky and gives us colds. GO NOW.

If you have chosen to remain a cyberspace civilian for the time being, I can tell you that the university open days were really informative/interesting. I got off the train at Central and walked to UTS, where I got handed a FREE Vitamin Water (by the end of the day I was a pro at scabbing more-than-necessary free products), and walked inside. Inside is alot, and when I say a alot I MEAN ALOT, nicer than the outside. It's very city-office building like....BUT SYDNEY UNI IS JUST I expected Harry Potter to pop out at any given moment as everything looks just like Hogwarts. I spent about an hour and a half trying to locate the Business/Economics faculty. Unsuccessful. Walked everywhere. Asked 4 Sydney Uni people. Still couldn't find it. But the law building at Sydney Uni is seriously amazing. Google it.

My to-do list is fairly large in size right now. Here are my tasks under the 'To Buy' section.
1. A headband like this. At the moment I only have really thin ones which give me headaches.

2. A cropped-top with beads, to wear under the Bonds Tuba Bra (the new ones which are designed to be worn with nothing on top, like a top its self).

3. More rings. In particular, a ring with a peace sign on it like on the middle finger of the right hand in the picture below.

4. A plain white dress and a belt (preferably black or brown).

4. An armband/bracelet.

So there you have it, folks. Chloe's To Do List's To Buy List.
Now for some pretty photos. Theme: locations