Saturday, August 21, 2010

WE WON OUR GRANDFINAL!! It was SUCH A CLOSE GAME but we won 3-2. After the presentation we then proceeded to Kirrawee Maccas and had a massive food fight. For some really odd reason we didn't get kicked out..

I've been trawling through fashion websites (calcul-ass procrastination), and I'm going to go out shopping (when my magical money magically appears), and buy lots and lots of things, for Spring/Summer of course.....embracing the warm weather after winter=BLOODY BLIZZARD. I need new shorts/floral leotard/cheap jewelry..Just onto a random it just me or is it hilarious when people buy expensive clothes purely because it's expensive, and when it is in fact the ugliest thing you have ever seen? I'm not saying I don't love high-fashion and the wonderful creations the fashion houses produce, but it's just so funny how people think that what's 'in' is having expensive clothes, when you can buy an amazing, better outfit than the ones they paid over $300 for. It's about what looks good, not what costs more. My friend recently said about how it's weird when some people pay $80 for a plain white T-shirt...a $5 plain white T-shirt is still a plain white T-shirt. The only reason the expensive one is expensive is because the label's name is on it. I can't talk, however, as Tiffany and Co jewelery is expensive basically because it's Tiffany and Co. But still, I hope you get my point about ugly clothes. When I was going through that phase I got a hot pink Ralph Lauren Polo because, well, it was a Ralph Lauren Polo. I can see now how much of an idiot I was back then. The 'trend' now is not what's expensive, but what looks cheap. Markets/op shops etc. Look at the images can see that cheaper=cooler=better.
HERE IS MY INSPIRATION (sorry for sounding cheesy).