Monday, September 20, 2010

一路順風 (Bon Voyage)

EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE DITCHING ME FOR EUROPE I though this song was cute and it reminds me of Europe/late-nights-on-planes-flying-over-cities/YOU. Plus the lyrics are pretty cute...HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER. Yours Sincerely, Your Jealous Friend Chloe.

Two ravens in the old oak tree and
One for you and one for me and
Bluebells in the late December
I see signs now all the time

I found some photos which summarize what I'LL be doing these holidays (in no particular order): Sleeping, reading, partying/hanging with friends, SWIMMING

PEE.ESS. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE any music of the 'Screamo' genre, and I thought this was so, so incredibly funny.
Click here to listen to it

PEE.PEE.ESS. I attempted to cut one of my singlet tops to make it cropped and failed. There goes a perfectly fine top. RIP.