Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Please press play and crank up the volume if you too have finished your exams, or are just overwhelmed with pure joy that THE HOLIDAYS HAVE ARRIVED!

CHLOE'S TO-DO LIST: The Holidays Edition
1. Tan
2. Buy lots of clothes
3. Read (Finish The Great Gatsby, read Eat Pray Love, and Mein Kampf)
4. Get back into surfing
5. Prepare for year 12 (I.e. BUY A NOTEBOOK COMPUTER!)

Let's backtrack a little bit. So basically the Regional Drama Festival was pretty funny, in the sense that our performance was worse than all of our rehearsals combined. Adapting a two and a half hour play for a 15 minute time-slot was never going to us or the play any justice, and it felt like we were all on the X-Factor as the 'panel of judges' gave us feedback. Speaking of the X-Factor, if you currently have nothing to do, click here to watch the most hilarious audition for the British version of the show.

In between each performance Tiasha, Nina and I made up our own genre/way-of-life/trend, in response to everyone having to be either 'Indie' or 'Mainstream'. My friends, yesterday, EXSTREAMLESSTISM was born.

1. Can't be Indie
2. Can't be mainstream
3. Have to be somewhere inbetween
4. Be able to do the signature 'Exstreamless' hand move, which is a cross between the 'rock on' hand gesture' and the 'Eshays' gesture (....I hope you understand my terminology....)
5. Be able to recite our tag-line:
Rock on
Hang loose
Get high

YES, I know it sounds like we are playing the game 'Bop it' (if you are unaware of what 'Bop It' is, and you are really, really bored, click here).

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS, Exstreamlesstism for you.

Onto a different tangent, I loved loved loved the new Sass&Bide collection (London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011‎). They have finally moved away from the whole 'black/silver/white' look which was getting a tad repetitive. They have introduced bright colours and a diverse range of fringe-like textures which all look amazing (on the models, not sure how they would look on 'normal people'). The new collection is a whole new 'look' for Sass&Bide, and I applaud them for taking a new direction! If you want to see a few highlights of the collection, click here\

I really, really want this outfit. I've began to look around to find the perfect pair of shorts. They have to be denim, white-washed, and ripped on the legs.

I'm also going to buy this dress with my babysitting income...I absolutely LOVE IT AHSDJADH

I also know which movie I'll be watching 24/7 throughout the duration of the holidays:

Before I publish this post, I wanted to put these two photos as I would love to be in these two locations right now. Partying on a yacht and swimming in some exotic location by day, lying under the stars by night. Also, the pictures are damn pretty!