Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kinda sorta.....

Today was the first official day of holidays. Last night I watched and loved the Season 2 premiere of Glee = SO GOOD! Although I did love the episode, I hate the actress who plays 'Sunshine', the new exchange student, as before she went on the show she GOT BOTOX WHEN GLEE PRIDES ITSELF ON PROMOTING HOW ONE SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH HOW THEY LOOK AND ACCEPT THEMSELVES FOR WHO THEY ARE. Grrrrrrrrrr. Despite my hatred for 'Sunshine' (ironic name, I know), I CANT WAIT (use of capitals=extra excitement) for next week's BRITNEY EPISODE!

After the epidode came to an end, I trodded upstairs to my room and fell asleep thinking about the glorious fact that I could sleep in until 11 am in the morning if I wished, AS SCHOOL IS OUT! I awoke at 6.00 am. Joy.
My first day of holidays was spent finishing The Great Gatsby (which was great; can't wait to study it in English next term), and reading around 50 pages of Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler, which has inspired me for my Extension 2 English major work, where I am going to write an essay on Political Literature/Propoganda (such as Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto). Don't know what specific area yet, but I know for sure I'll do it in that area, and maybe tie it in with my previous idea of studying the death/deconstruction of public language. The rest of the day was spent sleeping on the trampoline. How truly splendid. In exactly 58 minutes I will leave to pick my little brother up from school and meet my mother at Edmunds and Greer.

I have made the life-changing decision that I want to wear a headband like the ones in the photographs below to the Semi-Formal next week, as the theme is 'Casino Royale'. I think I saw one at General Pants for around $20 so I'll check it out tomozza.


P.S. Do you like the photo behind 'Flower Girl'? I do. Me likey.
P.P.S. Doesn't the picture below look like it's Never Land from Peter Pan? I'm going to live there one day. On a boat. Everyday I'll sing IM ON A BOAT, IM ON A BOAT

P.P.P.S SMOKING IS NOT SEXY.....with the exception of this photo and this photo only